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New illustrations – genus Exochomus is complete!

I finally picked up the pencils again this past weekend and started drawing again for the first time since October. I was a little worried that I’d have lost my touch, but this drawing of the dark form of the … Continue reading

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All over but the scymnines…

Three more subfamilies have all the info pages complete: colorful Coccidulinae; popular Coccinellinae; and plant-eating Epilachninae. That just  leaves Scymninae, the largest subfamily, and I’ve even finished all but one genus of that one. Subfamily Coccidulinae is represented in eastern North … Continue reading

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Brachiacantha – another subfamily down

Genus Brachiacantha is one of my favorites: small, colorful, boldly-patterned lady beetles that can be easily identified to genus by the small spur on the foreleg. (You need a magnifying glass to  see it, but it’s foolproof!) There are 11 … Continue reading

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Info pages for Sticholotidinae are complete!

Sticho-what-inae? It’s a mouthful, indeed! Pronounced “stick-o-low-tid-i-nye,” it’s the name of a subfamily of tiny, dull-colored lady beetles. Although I have not yet completed the drawings for all the Eastern species of this subfamily, I have created info pages for … Continue reading

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