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New illustrations – genus Delphastus complete!

I’ve just added a new illustration of the Catalina Lady Beetle (Delphastus catalinae) and redrawn illustrations of the Whitefly Predator (Delphastus pusillus) and Pale Whitefly Predator (Delphastus pallidus). These small beetles (under 2mm long) play a large part in biocontrol … Continue reading

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All over but the scymnines…

Three more subfamilies have all the info pages complete:¬†colorful Coccidulinae; popular Coccinellinae; and plant-eating Epilachninae. That just¬† leaves Scymninae, the largest subfamily, and I’ve even finished all but one genus of that one. Subfamily Coccidulinae is represented in eastern North … Continue reading

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Info pages for Sticholotidinae are complete!

Sticho-what-inae? It’s a mouthful, indeed! Pronounced “stick-o-low-tid-i-nye,” it’s the name of a subfamily of tiny, dull-colored lady beetles. Although I have not yet completed the drawings for all the Eastern species of this subfamily, I have created info pages for … Continue reading

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