“Eastern Lady Beetles” is on the Web!

It’s official: Eastern Lady Beetles is on the Web! The Facebook page at www.facebook.com/easternladybeetles has become quite popular, and it was time to expand to a full Web site. (Besides, not everyone in the world is on Facebook quite yet.) To increase Web presence, there are also brand-new Twitter and Pinterest accounts for ELB. Follow them at twitter.com/#!/easternladybugs and pinterest.com/easternladybugs. (I did try to get the account name “easternladybeetles” for them, but that 15-character username limit got in the way.)

I’ve been working almost non-stop on this site for 4 days, creating pages for all subfamilies and genera (that’s the plural of “genus”), as well as many species pages. Some of the species pages have my final, full-color illustrations; others, though lacking illustrations, still have information about the species. I anticipate that it will take about at year to finish the illustrations; I try to draw at least one a day, so check back often for new illustrations!

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