Info pages for Sticholotidinae are complete!

Sticho-what-inae? It’s a mouthful, indeed! Pronounced “stick-o-low-tid-i-nye,” it’s the name of a subfamily of tiny, dull-colored lady beetles. Although I have not yet completed the drawings for all the Eastern species of this subfamily, I have created info pages for them: English and Latin names, etymology, size, food, habitat, and range descriptions, and references to similar species. Check out the Sticholotidinae page to read about them and see the completed illustrations.

(Okay, there are only two illustrations so far; what can I say, tiny dull-colored lady beetles are not thrilling to draw! I like to alternate drawing the the bright, boldly-patterned species with the dull speciesĀ  so I don’t get bored.)


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