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New illustrations – genus Delphastus complete!

I’ve just added a new illustration of the Catalina Lady Beetle (Delphastus catalinae) and redrawn illustrations of the Whitefly Predator (Delphastus pusillus) and Pale Whitefly Predator (Delphastus pallidus). These small beetles (under 2mm long) play a large part in biocontrol … Continue reading

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New illustrations – genus Exochomus is complete!

I finally picked up the pencils again this past weekend and started drawing again for the first time since October. I was a little worried that I’d have lost my touch, but this drawing of the dark form of the … Continue reading

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Twice-stabbed Lady Beetles…and not so twice-stabbed

A leading candidate for the Best Lady Beetle Name award is the Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle (Chilocorus stigma), a dramatic-looking black species with two red spots. The pattern is not unique, though, and many other black-with-two-red-spots are often misidentified and called … Continue reading

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