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A new work-in-progress field guide to lady beetles of eastern North America

Written and illustrated by Abigail M. Parker

Lady beetles (also known as ladybugs or ladybirds) are among the most familiar and best-loved insects, and with almost 500 species in North America, they are also some of the most diverse. Eastern Lady Beetles will cover the 175 species that occur east of the Mississippi River and Hudson Bay, including all subspecies and color forms. Full-color, hand-drawn illustrations and fact sheets on each species provide a fresh new look and useful insights into these fascinating and beautiful insects.

This Web site is also a work in progress; all the illustrations so far are posted here, and more will be added as the project continues. Even unillustrated species are described on separate pages, so you can learn more about them even without seeing them. Check back often for new illustrations!

How to Use This Site

To get started, click on one of the subfamily links in the top navigation bar or in the lefthand sidebar on this page. You'll see all the completed illustrations for that subfamily, plus additional links for each genus. Click on a genus link to see the list of species, and click on a species for the information page.